Nimbus provides accessible, affordable and holistic services to caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD)

Our mission is to be the “journey partner” of dementia caregivers at every step of the way, by providing high-quality support services to educate and empower caregivers.

As a caregiver of a loved one with ADRD, you may be experiencing caregiver stress, have questions about the disease, have feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, or frustration and are looking for answers about how to take care of your loved one and yourself. We provide personalized psychoeducational teleconsultations to cope with the many changes of living with dementia. Our services empower the caregiver in a proactive and methodical way by providing recurring scheduled guidance from a dementia care expert.

Our goal is that the Nimbus telecounseling intervention will result in sustained higher quality and safer care for the loved ones, while the caregivers themselves experience improved resilience with reduced stress as well as reduced healthcare expenses by practicing preventive care. Such telephonic intervention results are comparable with reported results of face-to-face interventions.

Our virtual telecounseling services are available worldwide. Sign-up with Nimbus!

Nimbus is here for you. Let's partner together to change dementia caregiving for the better.

The following research studies support our hypothesis of caregiver burden reduction through telecounseling:

- "Randomized Trial of the Family Intervention: Telephone Tracking-Caregiver for Dementia Caregivers: Use of    Community and Healthcare Resources," Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 2017 May; 65(5): 924–930.

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