"Thank you for having me in your program, my counselor was a joy to talk to and very helpful to me.  I feel I have gained a much more solid understanding of dementia and caregiving and how to take care of myself.  It was great to have someone that understands this process and helpful in giving me tools/thoughts on how to ask or piece things together to help my husband so he doesn’t get frustrated by being overwhelmed. Getting a better understanding on how he receives and retains information has helped me deal with this much better.  My confidence has grown in knowing I have good tools, thoughts, going forward with this disease process. And it gives peace of mind knowing someone that has vested time into talking with me cares and is there if I need further support.

Thank you again for developing this program for caregivers!"

- Tracee Horn

“I don't think winning the lottery could hold a candle to having this opportunity to work with Nimbus and to know there is a company like this that can make such a huge difference. I know I am most grateful for the help that [my Nimbus social worker] has given to me in only 2 or 3 sessions. I have confidence in her that she is there to help me and others she may work with. I am sincerely grateful to be a part of this program.”

- Edith Rae Brown

“[My Nimbus social worker] was attentive and thoughtful in her suggestions. I appreciated the email resources.”

- Anonymous