Put safety first

Yoga is generally safe to practice for healthy individuals. However, talk with your health care provider before starting yoga. We are not responsible for any injury or health problems caused by doing yoga by following these videos.

Zo de Runtz, RYT, turned to yoga, over 20 years ago, to help restore her body after childbirth, and provide peace of mind amidst the challenges of raising three children.
Brenda Maser enjoys sharing her love of yoga with her students, encouraging them to challenge their bodies, quiet their minds, open their hearts and take the practice of yoga off the mat and into their lives. Brenda, RYT, completed the Schoolhouse Yoga Teacher Training Program and has been an enthusiastic yoga practitioner since 2001.

Linda Meacci, E-RYT, is one of Pittsburgh’s most experienced therapeutic yoga instructors. She synthesizes principles of yoga, movement disciplines and therapeutic bodywork to adeptly guide students to the “Aha!” moment. Linda draws inspiration from a wide range of teachings and yoga styles, taking elements of each to craft an instructional approach that best serves her students. In addition to teaching weekly classes and private sessions, Linda also facilitates workshops, teacher training sessions and destination retreats that can be taken for continuing education credits.


Video Credits

The instructional videos were lovingly created by the teachers of Schoolhouse Yoga. We thank them for volunteering their time to help caregivers around the world!